If Your Baby's Sun Sign is Virgo

AstrologyBabies.com copyright Marian Buchanan

Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign. That means being down-to-earth in all kinds of ways.

Little Virgos tend to be curious about the physical world, and can sometimes be manually quite dextrous and meticulous. They're likely to take an interest in toys they can take apart and put back together, or things they can organize and categorize.

They also like to be a helper and do "work," so little brooms and tools and kitchenware are likely to appeal to them too. This interest could be useful once they're old enough to help with chores!

One thing little Virgos can have a hard time with, though, is feeling like something is good enough - including who they are and what they do. They tend to be perfectionistic and overly critical, so they might need a little extra help from you in learning how to relax a little, not be too picky, and always look for the good in themselves and others.

They might be a little fussy about food and their own cleanliness, so be understanding while you help them through those moments.

At their best, little Virgos will love to be helpful and take on a caregiver role themselves.