If Your Baby's Sun Sign is Sagittarius

AstrologyBabies.com copyright Marian Buchanan

Sagittarius is the Mutable Fire sign. That means restless exploration!

Little Archers love to go on adventures! When they're too little to go exploring on their own, you'll need to take them out into the world in a stroller or baby-sling that allows them to see everything rather than just you.

Once they're old enough to get going on their own, you'd better be sure you've child-proofed the house! Later still, you'll need to be very clear about the safety and boundary rules of riding their tricycle or bicycle outdoors.

Little Archers also love to explore knowledge, especially when it relates to noble themes and searching for The Truth.

With all the wonders they'll want to pursue, though, they may need a little help channelling their mental focus so that, like a real archer, they can aim true and reach their target.

Because the Truth is so important to little Archers, they might also need help curbing their natural tendency to speak their version of the truth too bluntly.

As long as they can learn not to be too rude and tactless, little Archers' tendency to be friendly and outgoing can make them lots of friends.