If Your Baby's Sun Sign is Capricorn

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Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth sign. It relates to structure and power.

Little Mergoats sometimes seem like they're already little "grown-ups" - kind of serious and down to business. As they get older, they can seem very mature and reliable, and enjoy being given responsibilities and jobs. But don't be fooled! Little Mergoats still need lots of affection and play time, just like any little kid.

They're likely to enjoy playing in the sandbox and building things, and toys that allow them to mimic grown-up work.

Little Mergoats like to be in charge, so they might need your help in learning to deal with the frustration of not being the boss while they're a child.

They might also need to learn to keep a positive outlook and curb excessive complaining. Be gentle when giving your little Mergoat feedback and discipline, as they can be very sensitive to criticism even though they themselves might often be critical of others.

Give your little Mergoat as much control and power as is appropriate to their age and ability, but also permission to really still be a kid. That - and of course, your love - will help keep your little Mergoat happy.