If Your Baby's Sun Sign is Taurus

AstrologyBabies.com copyright Marian Buchanan

Taurus is the Fixed Earth sign. That can mean either down-to-earth or stick-in-the-mud!

Little Bulls tend to be steady and slow to anger. But they can be pretty stubborn sometimes too! The positive side of that is persistence and determination, so just try to gently channel that Taurean energy into positive pursuits.

Little Bulls like to build things and (when they're old enough) grow things. They love to use all their senses - not just sight and sound, but also touch, smell, and taste. They tend to love food (if they're picky about what they eat, it's because they're after pleasure) so be careful your little Bull doesn't overeat!

Comfort and security are important to little Bulls, so they can sometimes have a hard time dealing with change and letting go of possessions.

What makes little Bulls happy? Sensory pleasures, security and comfort, and your understanding and love!