If Your Baby's Sun Sign is Pisces

AstrologyBabies.com copyright Marian Buchanan

Pisces is the Mutable Water sign. That means strong empathic sensitivity.

Little Fish tend to pick up on other people's feelings and reflect them in their own moods. So if your little Fish is tearful for no apparent reason, it might just be someone else in the family who's feeling unhappy! (Don't assume their feelings aren't their own, but don't rule it out either).

This intuitive empathy can make them a little confused about the boundaries between themselves and others. They can be quite impressionable at times, so you might need to help them learn not to be too easily influenced.

Their tendency to be kind, caring, and giving, can make them vulnerable to being taken advantage of, so, as they get older, you may also need to help them learn to believe in their own worth and curb their tendency for excessive self-sacrifice.

Another possible pitfall to is a tendency for avoidance and escapism. To keep it from leading them to substance abuse or emotional eating later on in life, little Fish could use your support and help in learning from an early age how to stay grounded, face their fears, and be assertive about their own needs, rather than try to ignore unpleasant situations.

Little Fish tend to be imaginative, creative, artistic, and psychic. Creative pursuits like art, music, or dance can help them channel their dreaminess and make them happy.