If Your Baby's Sun Sign is Scorpio

AstrologyBabies.com copyright Marian Buchanan

Scorpio is the Fixed Water sign. That means deep down emotions, sensitivity, and intensity.

Little Scorpions tend to pick up on people's feelings and hidden motivations. They might be a little secretive about their own feelings and withdraw when they feel threatened, so you may need to make an extra effort to maintain trust and open lines of communication.

Little Scorpions tend to have strong desires and can be intense and driven, so they might need a little help learning about right and wrong, developing good habits when it comes to belongings (and when they're old enough, money), learning how to share, and managing anger when they don't get their way.

Little Scorpions can be very creative, so if moodiness becomes a problem, you can help channel their emotions by encouraging an involvement with music.

They tend to do well when they're allowed alone time to delve into projects and immerse themselves in discovery and creativity. Any subject that involves deep, hidden or mysterious things, is a good candidate for a little Scorpion's exploration. When they're old enough, that could be puzzles, mazes, science fiction and mystery stories, looking through microscopes, and any natural phenomenon that relates to transformation, like cocoons and crystal formations. As babies, it could be as simple as Peek-a-Boo or hiding toys in boxes within boxes.