If Your Baby's Sun Sign is Aquarius

AstrologyBabies.com copyright Marian Buchanan

Aquarius is the Fixed Air sign. That means a focus on friendships and ideas.

Little Waterbearers tend to love socializing and having lots of friends.

At the same time, individual freedom is very important to them and they might be very unique or different and non-conforming - even eccentric.

So it's not about "fitting in" - on the contrary, when they're old enough to have their own ideas, they can potentially be much more open-minded and innovative than the mainstream, and it can lead to feeling a bit intolerant of what they perceive as bigotry or stupidity.

If little Waterbearers can't find friends that share their perspective, they can feel quite alone, which hurts all the more because of the importance of friendship to them.

As babies, though, little Waterbearers will likely be happy just being able to interact with lots of people. The importance they attach to personal freedom may lead to some clashes with their caregivers when inevitable limits are placed on what a baby or child is allowed to do! But they tend to be friendly little folks, and you might quite enjoy how inventive, innovative, and unique they can be.