If Your Baby's Sun Sign is Gemini

AstrologyBabies.com copyright Marian Buchanan

Gemini is the Mutable Air sign. That means a little mind that goes zooming all over the place!

Little Geminis tend to be inquisitive and communicative: exploring, investigating, and usually chattering away.

Little Geminis also like things with wheels - because they love to go places!

They can be interested in so many different things that they become a bit scattered. Focusing may be a challenge!

But they love to learn, and when they're old enough they tend to love reading and writing.

They tend to copy other people, which can help them learn quickly, but it also means they can sometimes be a bit too impressionable. They need to be surrounded by good role models, so make sure you're modeling good behaviour yourself, otherwise you might be passing on your bad habits!